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  9. dllstg 'I'm truly blessed to have such a healthy little boy
  10. jocmux I was so grateful and humbled by the gifts
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  62. dugjwu Since joining LBC four years ago
  63. cdmuxs the movie mostly sticks to the bad boy classics
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  105. bkdqld I'll sit back in my chair and say
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  146. xtqlrh Capote required special treatment on the tour
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  154. qesakh the Military Department plans to replace the armory
  155. opintk his oil painting is a reflection of his inner world
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  159. htfvwk His Lakers teammates want no part of him
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  161. oxmpdw They weren broken so why try to fix them
  162. iugzgo Each day will be filled with creative options and LEARNING
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  179. rtgkgl that corrective measures will be taken
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  183. xmevke Closures of park roads could mean lost revenue to the park
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  198. nfwbdt the price was about 89 cents
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